2018–2019 Social Events
Saturday, October 26th

Wednesday, October 31st at 5PM
Morris Brandon Primary Center Playground

Dinner by Chick-Fil-A, Suggested donation per family is $20
*This is an event for the whole neighborhood, not just members so spread the word!*

Sunday, December 16th, 12–1:30PM
Hosted by the Clays & Ducats at the Clay Home: 3000 Ridge Valley Road

Our amazing hosts have just welcomed twins (CONGRATULATIONS!!) so we’re on the lookout for a new location this year. The date and time are flexible and the association is happy to cover costs for party and clean up. If you think you might be able to host please contact Marissa Rosenbloom mfrbloom@gmail.com – thanks!!



SAVE THE DATE: Saturday February 9th

The Howell Home: 1481 Wesley Parkway

APS has partnered with American Traffic Solutions to address the problem of illegal passing of school buses that are stopped and boarding or disembarking children. All buses are now equipped with a camera that automatically detects a vehicle illegally passing in either direction and captures video and images of the violator's license plate.
The violation video and license plate images are reviewed by law enforcement for approval prior to a citation being issued through the court system.
There is a $300 fine for the first violation, a $750 fine for a second violation and a $1,000 fine for a third violation. 
Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent
Click here to read the blog of the APS Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen.
Playground Safety at Brandon Primary Center
There was an incident at the Primary Center where a parent was picking up her child after school and was hit in the head by a lacrosse ball.  The woman suffered a serious concussion and the incident could have been much more tragic. Hard sports balls such as lacrosse, baseball, golf, etc. are NOT allowed on the Morris Brandon Campus.
To view pictures of North Atlanta High School (NAHS) as published by the AJC, click here.

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