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Margaret Mitchell Civic Assoc

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~

Looking to Join Your Neighborhood Association...............  

The MMCA membership year is July 1 - June 30 with dues of $250. Payment for a new member who joins mid-year will be pro-rated. Dues provide for our security patrol with off duty police officers and social events.

There are two easy ways to join: To join online, just click here - Make a Payment - to process your payment through PayPal. 

Or send the completed membership form along with a check payable to 'MMCA' to 1578 Wesley Parkway, 30327.

Thank you for helping to make our neighborhood a great place to live!


Our New APD Security Service

Our new security service began July 3rd, 2017. Security is now provided by off-duty Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers headed up by Lt. Jeff Baxter. The APD security service provides:

  • Monday through Friday patrol three hours a day within our neighborhood with additional virtual coverage while patrolling in nearby neighborhoods. All member calls are answered by the officer patrolling with a cell phone.*
  • Members receive the cell phone number for patrolling officers. The cell phone is passed to other officers working surrounding neighborhoods when not patrolling in our neighborhood. Patrol officer will respond to MMCA calls if they are patrolling in another neighborhood.
  • Security checks for out of town member residents along with newspaper, trash can removal, etc.
*Due to funds raised from the MMCA Security Fund and the BBQ Fundraiser, security patrol has been increased from three hours to five hours per day. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Fund and who supported the BBQ!  
MMCA Security Fund
A number of security survey respondents indicated that they would be willing to pay more towards security. If you would like to contribute additional funds to security, please donate to the MMCA Security Fund on the Make a Payment website page. All funds raised will be used for increased security patrol within the current membership year. 


Thank You to the Generous Contributors to the MMCA Security Fund

Kathy Waller & Kenneth Goggins - Largest Contributor

Toni & Joel Adler - 2nd Largest Contributors

Cheri & Bill Lennie - 2nd Largest Contributors

Jeanie & Albert Marx - 2nd Largest Contributors 

Chuck Perrin - 2nd Largest Contributors

Jeff & Laura Sladkus - 2nd Largest Contributors

Ged & Karen Avery

Stacy & Jon Brees

Karen & Grant Carlson

Barrie Cliett

Margaret & Johnson Cook

Monica & Mark DiCristina

John & Heather Ducat

Katie & Reade Fahs

Sarah & Casey Graves

Marvin & Natalie Harris

Michal & Jack Hillman

Dana & Matt Hughes

Katy & Mike Jablon

Daryl Kaplan

Chris & Courtney Kirk

Bruce & Anna Logue

Jo Marie Lyons

Sara & Nate Manning

Joanne & Jerry Mendel

Mathew Nanninga & Ann Joiner

Carolyn & Joe Patterson

Anette & Ronnie Pellitero

Marissa & Sam Rosenbloom

Peggy & Graham Sayers

John Spaulding & Jason Ward

Francine & Philip Tague

Maynard & Mike Thomas

Rob & Carol Van Leer

Judy & Jerry Volcy

Matt & Jenn Walker

Carl & Gail Washington

Shelli Willis & Rob Rodriguez


Welcome to our newest MMCA Members:

  • Jennifer & David Tessendorf
  • Richard Rimer
  • Shakira & Jesse Suglia
  • Maria Claudia & Alexander Palacios
  • Carol Evans
  • Ritesh Gupta & Roopa Varghese
  • Kate & David Stern
  • Stephanie & Mark Teichner
  • Ben Easterlin
  • Yihong Wu & James Tsai
  • Steve & Katie Einbender
  • Robert Hampton
  • Whitney & Ted Woodward
  • Carolyn & Andy McGhee
  • Carla & Ralph Lovell
  • Craig & Terrissa Maske 
  • Amy & Robert Sherrell
  • Jay Smith
  • John & Haley Mekjian
  • Claire & Ricky Kimball
  • Elaine Baker
  • Connie & Jay Waite
  • Elizabeth & David Silbert
  • Joy McLean
  • Kurt Bost
  • Thuc & Elizabeth Nguyen
  • Brendon & Dana Hiscock
  • Meade Conley


~ Upcoming Events ~

~ Member Announcements ~
APS Bankhead Bus Barn: APS now owns the property. APS has not moved to vote on the future use of the site. Felicia Moore's office continues to monitor the situation.
Moores Mill/West Wesley Intersection Project - Update
The Renew Atlanta Team and its consultants are currently analyzing the feasibility of an alternative to the proposed design discussed at the November 2016 community meeting. A meeting will be planned in early 2018 to discuss the recommendations and next steps.
Westside Village @ Moores Mill Coming Soon
A new development to be located on Marietta Blvd across from the new Publix is in the works. The Project includes 60,000 SF of retail and restaurant space along with 18 new townhomes. Click here to view the full plan.
New Publix Center
The new Publix Center located at Moores Mill and Bolton Road opened May 31st! The project will eventually include another 20,000 SF in retail & restaurant space and 345 apartment units with a parking garage.
Click here to view the site plan for the Center after its completion.
Facebook page:  Check out the neighborhood buzz by liking us on Facebook!  Click here: MMCA Facebook
Bookclub: For information regarding our monthly neighborhood bookclub please email Carol or Ginny.

~ News Articles ~
No articles found.

~ School Scoop ~
APS has partnered with American Traffic Solutions to address the problem of illegal passing of school buses that are stopped and boarding or disembarking children. All buses are now equipped with a camera that automatically detects a vehicle illegally passing in either direction and captures video and images of the violator's license plate.
The violation video and license plate images are reviewed by law enforcement for approval prior to a citation being issued through the court system.
There is a $300 fine for the first violation, a $750 fine for a second violation and a $1,000 fine for a third violation. 
Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent
Click here to read the blog of the APS Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen.
Playground Safety at Brandon Primary Center
There was an incident at the Primary Center where a parent was picking up her child after school and was hit in the head by a lacrosse ball.  The woman suffered a serious concussion and the incident could have been much more tragic. Hard sports balls such as lacrosse, baseball, golf, etc. are NOT allowed on the Morris Brandon Campus.
To view pictures of North Atlanta High School (NAHS) as published by the AJC, click here.

~ What's New ~
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